An Antidote to Despair

Growing a garden in the southwest corner of New Mexico is like a game of roulette.
You plant, you cover your tender ones from the burning sun for weeks, uncover them
later in the day so they can get some light, watch for greedy insects, do everything you can to insure their survival—-and then you wait for rain. All the while, watering from the large rainwater containers and then just using the hose when they run out.
The rain began to come in mid-June, after almost 80 days of no rain. Now it is coming
once a week. Last Friday, I huddled by my window to breathe in the smell of rain and
to feel the moisture in the air. I read by the window for hours that night . . .
What happens in the garden is miraculous,  and I want to share some of the things I see
with you as the summer goes on.
This first shot is of the pear tree in the east garden. It does have more than one pear on it, really!