Passing through forest and grassland,
roaring like a river,
beneath sandy arroyos,
underneath concrete streets,
runs a message.

The children, in deep distress,
are calling –
Locked away in metal cages,
ripped from parents’ arms,

a thin blanket on  cement floors
no windows to look from —
the dusty ground,  the bird song, the kiss of breeze
has also been taken from them.

The cry goes out-
help us, bring us back to our families.
You, who walk in the world,
speak for us,
set us free.




2 thoughts on “Infrasound

  1. This poem woke me up at 3:30 a.m. the day before we had a rally to protest border detention and separating children from their parents. It called out to be written.Thank you so much.


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