“A revolution must be based
on inner truth or it will not succeed.”
~I Ching

When I threw the I Ching yesterday,
I got Revolution.
It could have just been about me,
but in these times,
the ripples spread further.

It cautioned: political revolutions are to be undertaken
only when there is no other way out.
When there is combat between forces of light
and forces of darkness,
there must be transformation.

When I look up to the blue,
chem trails paint the sky,
On the coast, dolphins beach themselves in toxic oceans.
Frogs grow, malformed, in Minnesota streams.
The lives of our rivers are threatened and attempts made
to sell them on the auction block.

My own revolution is small,
ant-like in comparison.
It is also about
the forces of light and dark,
the war mostly on the inside.

Yet the bigger questions remain.
Not just how tainted, toxic, wounded,
the country is, the planet is, but . . .
How can we heal now?
What can we do to help?
How do we bring light
to the darkness?

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